Selling and selling Veepax Fluffy Donut Pet Bed for Cuddler Dog,Calming Donu Cat Veepax,Donu,Pet Supplies , Dogs,Cuddler,Dog,Calming,Fluffy,Donut,Bed,Pet,,for,/Apodia966706.html,$21,Cat Veepax,Donu,Pet Supplies , Dogs,Cuddler,Dog,Calming,Fluffy,Donut,Bed,Pet,,for,/Apodia966706.html,$21,Cat Selling and selling Veepax Fluffy Donut Pet Bed for Cuddler Dog,Calming Donu Cat $21 Veepax Fluffy Donut Pet Bed for Cat Dog,Calming Cuddler Donu Pet Supplies Dogs $21 Veepax Fluffy Donut Pet Bed for Cat Dog,Calming Cuddler Donu Pet Supplies Dogs

Selling and selling Veepax Fluffy Donut Pet Bed for Cuddler SEAL limited product Dog,Calming Donu Cat

Veepax Fluffy Donut Pet Bed for Cat Dog,Calming Cuddler Donu


Veepax Fluffy Donut Pet Bed for Cat Dog,Calming Cuddler Donu

Product description



Whether they’re curling up forthe night or they’re just taking their afternoon nap, most pets will sleep just aboutanywhere. But cold, hard floors make it difficult to get comfortable,diminishing sleep quality and worsening joint pain, leading to less thanoptimal health and behavior.

Why Choose Our Pet Bed?

For an extra layer of comfort and luxury,our beds feature a faux shag fur! Not only does it help keep animals cozy oncold nights, but our extra filling also provides relief from joint and musclepain.

Non-Slip Bottom amp; Dirt-ResistantBottom

The bottom fabric is made with a tough anddirt resistant nylon fabric that deters dust and easy to care.

Non-skid amp; dirt resistant bottom keepspet bed in place for placement on tile and hardwood floors in the home/livingroom.


√ Orthopedic and Joint Support

√ Provides Warmth and Safety

√ Non-Slip Bottom

√ Safe in the Washer and Dryer

√ Made with Pet-Safe Materials

Wash Care Instructions

We usually recommend hand washing, if youwant machine washing, please simply wash in a cold, gentle cycle separately (nobleach), and let the bed thoroughly dried in DRYER directly. Please note thatyou must use the low heat. It will affect the bed if you use higher heat.


This dog bed is not good for rough dogs whois obsessed in chewing or digging. If your dog is an excessive chewer, wesuggest keeping a chew toy with your pet when laying on the bed so that it willchew the toy not the bed.

Try Today Risk Free with Our Money Back Guarantee!

100%Satisfaction of Customer Service. If you get any product problems. Pleasecontact us directly, you’ll get a quick response and satisfactory reply.

Veepax Fluffy Donut Pet Bed for Cat Dog,Calming Cuddler Donu

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