$6 WENTT Aluminum MagSafe Charging Stand, a Mobile Phone Holder for Cell Phones Accessories Accessories MagSafe,$6,Holder,Aluminum,Charging,/hellion966978.html,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,for,a,Phone,Stand,,bitcoindicate.com,WENTT,Mobile $6 WENTT Aluminum MagSafe Charging Stand, a Mobile Phone Holder for Cell Phones Accessories Accessories WENTT Aluminum MagSafe Charging Stand for Max 87% OFF a Holder Mobile Phone MagSafe,$6,Holder,Aluminum,Charging,/hellion966978.html,Cell Phones Accessories , Accessories,for,a,Phone,Stand,,bitcoindicate.com,WENTT,Mobile WENTT Aluminum MagSafe Charging Stand for Max 87% OFF a Holder Mobile Phone

WENTT Aluminum MagSafe Charging Stand for Max 87% OFF a Holder Limited time for free shipping Mobile Phone

WENTT Aluminum MagSafe Charging Stand, a Mobile Phone Holder for


WENTT Aluminum MagSafe Charging Stand, a Mobile Phone Holder for

Product description


Color: gray

Free your hands


Premium aluminum and silicone materials with smooth edges, delicate touch feel.

60-degree fixed angles, a perfect angle for watching videos.

Minimalist design, solid and high-end look all in one, show off your taste.

When it's time to charge, just nap your phone on the charger.

Enjoy watching videos and charging at the same time.


Material: PC / ABS / aluminum alloy

Size: 105mm x 110mm x 120mml

Applicable model: Compatible with iPhone 12/iPhone 12 Pro/iPhone

12 Pro Max Magsafe Charger.

Packing includes:

1 x Charger Bracket(only bracket)

1 x Special double-sided stickers

【Anywhere】This phone stand for MagSafe can be placed anywhere; just put it to any plane surface, and you are good to go with this mount stick-on for a phone. Besides, it also can use it at home or the gym, providing convenience for life.

WENTT Aluminum MagSafe Charging Stand, a Mobile Phone Holder for

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