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Alkax for Popular shop is the lowest price challenge New popularity Galaxy A10e Case Wallet Card Slots Holder with Kicksta

Alkax for Galaxy A10e Case Wallet with Card Holder Slots Kicksta


Alkax for Galaxy A10e Case Wallet with Card Holder Slots Kicksta

Product description

Color:Rose Gold

Compatible with Samsung Galaxy A10E / A20E ONLY.The wallet phone case built in card slots holder pocket so that you can carry around your ID / credit / debit cards, cashes together with your phone easily in just one carry case.This wonderful protective flip cover case is also multi-functional case easily opens like a book with a built in kickstand that lets you make hands-free video calls, read, or watch movies anywhere comfortably.The full body protective slim phone wallet case for women,men,girls.

Alkax Premium PU leather flip folio wallet case is made of durable premium synthetic leather and soft silicone TPU inner skin shell.Solid color with "Bling" design,glitter sparkly luxury PU Leather flip,makes your phone look and feel more fashionable.All-Around Protection for a high premium look.The automatic magnetic closure holds the wallet securely closed protecting for Samsung Galaxy A10E /A20E phone,credit cards, and cash from scratches and chips, dirt and bumps.

Package included:
1 x Case
1 x Stylus

Alkax for Galaxy A10e Case Wallet with Card Holder Slots Kicksta

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